Climate Notes

ClimateNotes is a summary of climate change science that provides a way for you to engage personally with the science and solutions. The Climate Communication team authored ClimateNotes and is hosting
its online version.

ClimateNotes was conceived and initiated by Active Philanthropy, a charitable platform helping entrepreneurial families to generate the maximum impact from their philanthropic activities.
Funding for ClimateNotes came from the Good Energies Foundation.

Customized print editions of the ClimateNotes notebook can be created.
(For printed versions, contact


  • Susan Joy Hassol
  • Randy Udall

Graphic Design:

  • Paul Grabhorn
  • Joshua Weybright

ClimateNotes Partners:

  • Robert W. Corell
  • Felicitas von Peter
  • Susan Joy Hassol
  • Paul Grabhorn


  • Doug Arent National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Chelsea Congdon Brundige First Light Films
  • Jacqueline McGlade European Environment Agency
  • Jerry M. Melillo Marine Biological Laboratory
  • Lalise Melillo Falmouth Academy
  • Bert Metz European Climate Foundation
  • Richard C.J. Somerville Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
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